legal stuff


The information shared on this website is for educational use and not intended to replace medical advice by your doctor. You are encouraged to make your own health care decisions based upon your own research and that of a medical practitioner. While working together, you are solely responsible for your own health and wellbeing at all times both in and out of sessions.

Coaching is a process that enables learning and development to occur and allows the mind and body to improve. It takes time to achieve results and cannot be forced. For this reason, a minimum of 5 sessions are required in order to achieve more comprehensive results.

As a coach, I do not tell you what to do. We co-create your desired outcomes together with your best interest in mind then remove the emotional blocks that hinder you from moving forward and achieving them.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) are powerful and effective, and the body will typically respond in an emotional release. Emotional releases typically manifest as crying, laughing, sighing, expansion of breath, yawning, fatigue, pain dissipating or burping which is completely welcome and honored during our sessions together. In the case that intense emotions should arise from a past trauma, there may be an urge to end a session early. Please note that there are gentle techniques used specifically to bring you out of the intense state if it were to occur. It is recommended that we utilize those gentle techniques prior to ending a session to keep you in an emotionally safe place. EFT is not counseling or psychological therapy, and I am not a licensed mental health care professional. I do not diagnose or treat any medical or mental health conditions. For your best interest, if I feel I am not qualified to help you with a particular issue you bring to the session, I may recommend you seek alternate treatment.

Although EFT can involve talking about past traumas, it is not talk therapy. We will discuss specific feelings and events, and I will ask you questions to guide the session, but my focus is to get you tapping so you can collapse past traumas and move forward to achieve your goals. I value our time together and want you to get the highest benefit with the time allotted for each session. For this reason, I may interrupt you mid-story to capture something important and tap on it immediately. It doesn’t mean that I am insensitive to your feelings or trauma (quite the opposite); it is with intention of addressing the root cause of emotional blocks so you can progress quickly.