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I help self-motivated men and women on their health journeys get to the root cause of their stress through personalized lifestyle changes and cutting edge stress reduction techniques so they can experience a more joyful, resilient and harmonious life.

We all experience negative stress of varying degrees and in different forms. When we become overloaded, we can feel like we aren’t ourselves. Too much stress makes us imbalanced, steals joy from our lives, and causes us to lose hope of experiencing life any differently than our current situation.

The good news is that stress is a condition, something that can be changed. There is a whole, healthy and vibrant person underneath the blanket of the emotional and physical distress that is waiting to be revealed.

Through health coaching and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), I see people shed the layers of unhealthy habits and traumas that have oppressed them for years and step into a stronger and happier mindset. They make healthier decisions and are more proactive in their lives.

If you know deep down that something has got to change and you are ready to address the the roadblocks in your life so you can increase your happiness and mental fortitude, then you’ve come to the right place.

Vannessa Carroll

Health Coach and Clinical EFT Practitioner

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My Modalities

Manage Stress

Learn effective strategies that lower your stress response in the moment and reduce the effects of stress long term. Having tools to use on demand take you out of fight, flight, or freeze and into a calm, rational, solution oriented mindset.

Be Resilient

By removing emotional triggers from past experiences, we naturally become more resilient and have a higher threshold for things that would normally set us off. Anger, fear, anxiety, and sadness have their place, but when we can overcome them quickly, we are empowered to move forward in life with a strong mindset.

Find Joy

With heightened stress levels and demanding lifestyles, it’s not always easy to experience joy. Just as important as dampening our stress response, cultivating joy in our daily lives is an essential piece of living a healthy lifestyle. Through consistent practice, you will find yourself smiling more and experiencing more inner peace.

Reveal the Real Me

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Hannah Berger, MPA

Prior to working with Vannessa, I had only experienced tapping via YouTube tutorials. While these videos provided a bit of stress relief, practicing EFT with Vannessa was a profound and moving experience that elicited an immediate calming response, but more importantly, long-term relief from long held traumatic memories. Vannessa’s coaching style is the perfect blend of straight talk, humor, information sharing and guidance. She is a gifted healer who finds joy is helping others become their best selves. I highly recommend working with her!

Brian D., Accountant

Vannessa has proven herself an expert at helping with stress, anxiety, and feeling in control of my life. I never feel that I’ve “said too much” to Vannessa or said something she couldn’t process. She skillfully asks questions to help me reach the right conclusion. She is a wonderful listener – never cutting me off or asking me to repeat myself. I’ve used Vannessa off and on for the past few years and honestly believe she’s been one of the key pillars in my emotional health routine. I used to think that therapy was only something that was used for “serious” problems, and that once you started therapy, you’d have to do it forever. I was wrong. I highly recommend Vannessa for any emotional upkeep you need, and I wholeheartedly give her my highest recommendation.

Mary C.

My tapping sessions have helped curb my fight or flight reactiveness. I am now able to take a breath and ease through moments that use to lead me to sadness or anger.

Vannessa is a great guide; her calm steady energy sets the perfect tone for the session. She has given me tools that I can incorporate into my daily life. I am truly grateful and look forward to many more sessions ahead.

Tina M.

I highly recommend Vannessa Carroll of Reveal the Real Me. I have had two tapping sessions with Vannessa via Zoom and I already am getting in tune with how past events and emotions trigger present time reactions and feelings.

Vannessa makes you feel completely at ease, explains the pressure points and technique where you feel totally comfortable. She is along for the ride and right by your side and guides you through without judgement. You can tell she truly cares about your healing. Through the session, I can feel the past event causing present time issues moving further away…You look at the initial event as a distant learning lesson with newfound understanding without the pain.

On top of helping with traumatic past events, Vannessa is upbeat and kind with a mix of a healing vibe as well. I wholeheartedly recommend pursuing tapping sessions with Vannessa Carroll.

Jared M.

Working with Vannessa was a life changing experience. I now understand myself better and know how to handle difficult situations both in my personal and professional life. Vannessa also helped me through the loss of my father and the related anxiety attacks I was experiencing. Every human being needs this program!!! We also worked on food cravings which are very much under control. I’ve lost like10 lbs. I’ve noticed that if I have a craving, once I have a taste I don’t crave it anymore. I don’t have to finish the entire pack.


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