Meet Vannessa

Health Coach & Clinical EFT Practitioner

Meet Vannessa

Vannessa has always had an affinity for health and wellness and has worked over 20 years in that capacity.  As a health coach, healthy eating, using non-toxic products, and exercising regularly were common practice in her lifestyle, but she felt there was something missing. “I would wake up daily with anxiety and extreme feelings of overwhelm that kept me in a spiral of ruminating thoughts, guilt, and worry day after day.”  Through her struggle with anxiety and emotional stress, she realized the powerful impact it had on every human system in the body and how it can determine the quality of life we live.

A little about her background

After scouring the internet and trying a change in her diet, sleep habits, supplementation, and meditation among many other things, she found some minor relief. “Everything I tried helped take a layer off the intensity, but I didn’t want to give up. There had to be an answer, and I didn’t want to take medication. I really just wanted to get to the root cause of why this was happening.” 

She decided to see a therapist who introduced her to EFT for anxiety. She was astounded that after one session she already started to feel better and within a few months of self-tapping, she decided to become an EFT practitioner. “I wanted to learn more about EFT to help myself, but I also felt compelled to pay it forward to those that are suffering unnecessarily.”

As a health coach she understood that there are different components to healthy living; it isn’t just about how we treat our bodies. After adding in EFT to her health coaching, she saw real change happen within herself and her clients. Stress and resistance began to dissipate a lot quicker and without much effort, allowing change to happen more willingly. With aimed focus on co-creating a healthy lifestyle that is meaningful to each individual she works with, Vannessa elicits their personal strengths to cultivate more joy and resiliency, and helps remove the emotional blocks that get in the way of living life on their terms.

Stephanie L.

Vannessa is a gifted EFT practitioner. She was able to point me to a childhood event connected to my feelings of anxiety around putting my work out there.

She is patient, understanding and supportive. I recommend tapping with Vannessa to anyone looking to learn a proven stress relief method, or trying to understand and dissolve the roots of the limiting beliefs that seem to be holding them back.