with Vannessa
I host online and in person EFT workshops that address chronic and temporary emotional stress. During the workshops, I teach the basic EFT technique used to reduce stress and build emotional resiliency. The workshops are a great way to feel a shift and start releasing pent up emotions and pain, whereas the one-on-one sessions allow time to explore and release root cause trauma that link to present day symptoms.

Building Emotional Resilience Workshop

Thursday evenings at 6:00pm

In person at: Align Your Vibes – Studio City, 12457 Ventura Boulevard Unit 104 Los Angeles, CA 91604

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Chuck M.

I am so glad I decided to try EFT with Vannessa! She is a fantastic listener with an incredible ability to adjust her questions and address issues. Though this can be a very personal trip, her professionalism and skill quickly put me at ease. From the basics of EFT and how it works, to the final tapping of our last session, Vannessa made me feel very comfortable opening up.

I am definitely a type A personality and so I tend to stress fairly easily. The experience of brain fog, forgetfulness, gut issues and a host of reactions that stoke stress and anxiety, are the result. So when this emotional soup started tearing away at my relationship with my wife, I decided to try EFT. I actually felt a shift in my first session with Vannessa! Though I never kidded myself that my problems would just go away, I was surprised at how the WEIGHT of my issues no longer delivered much of a punch.

After my 4th EFT session with Vannessa, I was actually capable of “clearing” some issues on my own. She had explained how to apply her tapping technique if I felt any intense episodes between our sessions. I was able to tap my way out of an emotional breakdown one night. As distraught and as negative as I felt (I assumed there was no way EFT would work), I finally started tapping while also concentrating on my intense feelings of anger and frustration. To my surprise, I experienced the shift again! In just two tapping cycles (a couple minutes) and just breathing for a bit, I felt composed, calm and peaceful. I wondered why my emotions were so heightened, as there was no residual anger or frustration. Sort of like a bad dream where you wake up basking in the joy that it was only a dream!

I can now quickly and relatively easily clear even the most intense levels of emotional spirals. Whatever the issue—stress, anxiety, anger, frustration…I feel so much more in control.

Thank you, Vannessa!!