How I Can Help

Let’s Start Here!

Book your complimentary 20 minute consultation to get started. During the consultation, we will discuss your specific needs, explore your expectations, and see if my services are right for you.

5 Session Package

Includes an initial 90 min session and (4) weekly 60 min sessions

The initial 90 minute session allows 30 mins to elicit the focus of our sessions followed by 60 minutes of EFT tapping and stress management coaching.

Available to all clients

Single Session

(1) 60 min session of EFT tapping and stress management coaching on a specific topic.

Available to returning clients who have completed the initial 5 session package.

FAQ’s about Working One-On-One:

Why don’t you do single sessions for new clients?

In our sessions, we are getting to the root cause of your challenges which takes time to unpack. Emotional Freedom Techniques are powerful and effective; however, we create lasting changes with cumulative effects and by addressing all the necessary layers. Working together over several weeks allows the body to experience safe transformation after exploring some uncharted emotional territories together. It also helps build connection and trust with me as the practitioner. I want you to have lasting change which is why I create a space that allows progress. 5 sessions also gives you time to learn the basic techniques to use as a lifelong self help tool.

What happens after the initial 5 sessions?

After the initial 5 sessions you can choose to continue regular care through single sessions or sequential packages. Every client is different. We reassess your needs after the 5th session to determine if weekly visits or monthly tune-ups are a better option. Clients that really enjoy this work and are comfortable with the emotional transformations will typically continue with regular sessions to work through each of their challenges. Others need a slower approach and need to spread out sessions, which is ok too. I’m here for the support either way.

How do I purchase sessions?

After we meet for your consultation and we decide to move forward, you will receive intake forms and a link to book and purchase your sessions. I have an online scheduler which allows you to conveniently book your appointments as needed. For returning clients, you can email me for the booking links at

Dr. Beck Hoehn LAc, FABORM

Vannessa is an integral part of helping us help our patients. I usually suggest to fertility patients they explore some part of fostering better mental health during their journey. Working with Vannessa has been a great collaboration in care.

Since we have been working together, our patients have tools to guide and support them through conception. It has been a massive positive shift in the overall outlook as they go through these challenges. I would recommend her to anyone!