March 29, 2022

Chiropractic Care Coupled with EFT

Vannessa Carroll

Health Coach and Clinical EFT Practitioner

In this post, I’d like to highlight Esther and her experience with chiropractic care coupled with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). I’d also like to highlight her bravery and willingness to be vulnerable to allow others to witness this intimate experience for the sake of helping others see what’s possible.

Esther had recently reinjured her old back injury originating 10 years ago. She had a back surgery 8 years ago and for the last 3 years working with with my husband, Leland Carroll, DC (my favorite chiropractor), she has received regular chiropractic care to treat pain, misalignments, and to increase the resiliency of her spine and surrounding musculature. Within these past three years, she has improved her range of motion, increased her frequency and intensity of exercise and can now stand for hours free from discomfort. This is a massive improvement from only being able to stand for a few minutes before experiencing unbearable pain.

Alongside these vast improvements, occasional reinjuries would occur from everyday activities like carrying groceries or moving items around the house. Her threshold is around 15 lbs of weight which isn’t much. Esther’s fear of reinjuring herself was palpable and quite stressful, so we decided to add on to the chiropractic care and look at her injury through the lens of the emotional distress she experienced from the original trauma 10 years prior.

Through our guided one-on-one sessions using EFT, Esther was able to clear the emotional distress head on. In her first session (1st video below), she collapsed the traumatic part of the memory including: the physical pain, the sound of the snap in her back, and the several difficult emotions she felt around the original injury.

After the first session, we noticed she still had fear around reinjuring herself; specifically feelings of being handicapped, useless, and anxiety that this would always be her way of life. In the second video (below), you can witness her EFT session where she cleared the remaining anxiety of reinjuring herself and the long recovery process.

Update from Esther:

“Since the EFT sessions, I am no longer triggered to fear the worst or panic when I am experiencing back pain. I am always quick to think the worst outcome, which is requiring another surgery. My recovery time was quicker by including the EFT sessions.”

The takeaway here is that we very often hold emotions and trauma in the body that can contribute to ongoing pain and reinjury. You can find deeper release by layering techniques, allowing acceleration of your body’s natural aptitude for healing. In this case a combination of chiropractic care and EFT were a fortuitous combo to address the physical and emotional qualities of Esther’s case.

I hope this sneak peek into what EFT is and what it can do is eye opening for you.

If EFT sounds intriguing to you, book a consultation to discuss your emotional and/or physical pain and discover if EFT is a right fit for you. Guided EFT sessions are performed on Zoom for privacy and convenience. One-on-one sessions allow time to explore root cause issues that link past trauma to present day pain and emotional distress. There is a commitment of 5 sessions to start experiencing change.